Important changes to ordering your prescriptions

In order to make our prescription service safer, and after careful consideration, our GPs have made the decision that it is in our patient’s best interest and for safe prescribing of medications that we will no longer take medication requests over the telephone, this includes the removal of our repeat ordering telephone message service as of the 15th April.

The Blood Pressure Service (Connect Me)

What is this service?

The Blood Pressure Service supports you to easily send our blood pressure readings to your health professional (GP, Nurse, or other)  from wherever you are, saving face-to-face appointments, time away from work, or other responsibilities, while helping you keep your blood pressure at safe levels.

A blood pressure reading always has two numbers: the upper or higher (Systolic) number and the lower (Diastolic).

You can choose to use an app, text messaging or automated phone call, and you will be reminded to send both numbers regularly.

You may receive messages to send your blood pressure readings twice every day for two weeks, or less frequently for a longer period of time.

Connect Me Introduction Video

What does the service do with my results?

Your GP or health professional will receive regular reports from the service to help them decide if your blood pressure is staying within safe limits. This might be to check if you need medication, or if any medication you are on needs changed.

When you send in the readings the service will automatically send you back advice to get in touch with your GP if the readings are not within safe limits.

You may be asked to send in readings regularly for a long time – this helps you and your health professional know your blood pressure is staying well controlled.

If you use the app you will be able to track how your blood pressure is reaching or staying within safe limits for you.  

Patient information guides/leaflets

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