Important changes to ordering your prescriptions

In order to make our prescription service safer, and after careful consideration, our GPs have made the decision that it is in our patient’s best interest and for safe prescribing of medications that we will no longer take medication requests over the telephone, this includes the removal of our repeat ordering telephone message service as of the 15th April.

GP Training

Training and Teaching Practice

The practice is a training and teaching practice, which means that we often have a doctor and a medical student coming to us for up to one year’s experience in general practice.

Occasionally, as part of our role as a training practice, some video recording of consultations will be made. These will only be made with a patient’s prior consent and we do not mind at all if you decline. The recordings are only used for teaching & training purposes and confidentiality will always be maintained. We welcome medical students to the practice from time to time. They will accompany the doctors in surgery and on home visits. If you wish to see the doctor alone please say, as this will not be a problem.

Speciality Training

The practice is heavily involved in the training of doctors who are wanting to specialise in General Practice. Dr Elliott and Dr Smith are the approved trainers within the practice but all doctors and members of the team are involved in the training. A new system of speciality training has recently been introduced and these new trainees will spend 6 months in General Practice in their 1st year of specialist training (ST1) and then return for 12 months in their final year of training (ST3) before becoming a fully qualified GP providing they have reached the required standards. Trainees may, on occasions, ask for your consent to video the consultation for teaching and assessment purposes. These video consultations are only reviewed by the trainee and a doctor and are used to highlight any further learning needs or to demonstrate an ability to consult at a required level. If you are at all uncomfortable about agreeing to a video consultation or even if you agree initially but then change your mind, please inform the doctor who will happily switch off the video recorder.

Protected Learning Time

The practice is closed between 12:00pm and 1:30pm every Wednesday for staff training. This allows us time to improve and develop the services that we are able to provide our patients. There is a doctor on call during this period for emergencies only.